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The Human Library does not consist of actual books but of people who are willing to share their stories and experiences with others, in order to fight prejudice and promote diversity.

Human Library Greece was initiated in October 2009 in Athens by a group of volunteers, in collaboration with the global network of Human Libraries in Denmark, where the project was first developed ten years ago.

Put simply, the ''Human Library'' is a mobile library that encourages interaction and conversation in order to bring communities together. However, this library does not lend actual books. Instead, our fellow volunteers are put ''on loan'' in order to expose themselves and be “read”, opening a dialogue with their readers about racism in Greece today, aiming to break stereotypes and fight prejudice. The “shelves” of the Human Library offer ''human books'', their stories and experiences. Furthermore, they bring people closer together through conversation, encouraging diversity.

The places that we choose for the events of our ''human readings'' are always accessible to people with disabilities. Interpretation in Greek sign language is always available, as well as a catalogue of the human books in Braille and big fonts for the vision impaired. There are also Human Dictionaries (interpreters) available in English, Farsi, Dari and other languages.

Visit the Human Library to “read” the stories that challenge and intrigue you. Come where stories come alive....




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